Top 5 Universities in Canada for International Students

Top 5 Universities in Canada for International Students: See the List of Top Five (5) Canada Universities International Students Can Apply for Admission.

Universities in Canada offer a lot to international students, and we're here to highlight some of its best features and why these schools are among the best in the world!

Top 5 Universities in Canada for International Students: There are many top-rated universities in Canada, but deciding on the right one for you all depends on your personal preferences. To help you make your decision, here are 5 top universities in Canada that are great choices for international students looking to study in North America!

You have a chance to study in Canada!

Top 5 Universities in Canada for International Students.

1) York University, Toronto, Ontario: The top-ranked school on the list is also one of the most affordable and best located. And it’s no wonder why; with an international student body representing more than 80 countries and regions around the globe, this campus offers rich cultural diversity as well as academic excellence. As an added bonus, you will be living near some of North America's greatest urban attractions including Niagara Falls and Lake Ontario.

2) McGill University, Montreal: One of Canada's leading research universities (and English speaking), McGill has been ranked by Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) as among the top 20 universities in the world for more than a decade. In addition to this, McGill has been ranked as the best university in Canada by QS University Rankings four consecutive times. The university offers more than 300 exchange programs and is located within close proximity of many exciting attractions including Montreal's famous underground city.

3) University of Toronto, Toronto: Another amazing English-speaking school with an international reputation for academic excellence, U of T has been ranked as one of the top 25 universities worldwide by ARWU as well as being consistently recognized among the top 10 research universities on the globe by Global University Ranking. With some of Canada’s most notable corporate leaders having graduated from here (including Google founder Larry Page and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg), you can rest assured that you’re getting a high quality degree course.

4) University of British Columbia, Vancouver: Ranked among the top 20 universities worldwide by ARWU and having produced more than 170 Rhodes Scholars, UBC is well known for its rigorous educational programs as well as its beautiful city location. With over 125 exchange programs offered to students around the world each year, this school is ideal for individuals looking to learn about everything from traditional western education to Asian medicine or Indigenous studies.
5) Université de Montréal, Montreal: The second French-speaking school on the list is also among Canada's leading research universities (and one of only two Francophone schools). Having ranked within the ARWU’s top 100 highly reputable institutions, UdeM offers 75 exchange programs to students each year. With all of this being said, the university is also ranked by QS as one of the top 400 universities worldwide!

These are leading institutions where you can attend. You will realize that they have their strong points on why they were listed among the best five Universities in Canada for international students. For example, some are known because of their excellence in research while others are known because of world-class teaching.

You can now choose the school that is best for you based on your preference, area of specialization and country where you are from. All these five universities have areas of specialization which makes them more attractive to prospective students. For instance, if you are looking for MBA programs in Canada, then McGill University will be one of the best choice amongst others top Universities in Canada for international students. Another reason why many people see this university as an ideal place for studying is its location within Montreal city which has a lot of attraction sites that would satisfy people with different interests. The same goes to other Universities in Canada among the top 5 Universities in Canada for International Students that are worth choosing depending on your needs.


5 Biggest Advantages of Studying in Canada

Studying in Canada is not just for the privileged few. It's an option that many people are now taking advantage of, thanks to a number of factors.

One reason is cost - tuition fees in Canada are much lower than they are in other countries like the US or UK, and it's possible to be eligible for financial aid if you're from a low-income family. Plus, living expenses can also be cheaper here than elsewhere, which means it's easier to save money while studying without having to cut back on important things like food or rent. Another factor is opportunity - there are over 260 Canadian universities offering more than 100 degree programs across all areas of study, so whatever your interests might be chances are there will be somewhere suitable for you. And finally, Canada is an ideal study destination for students looking to improve their English or French skills since it has two national languages and it's also a common home base for many people who speak other languages too.

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Studying in Canada can be a great option for international students who want the benefits of studying at a Canadian university combined with the convenience of an environment that's familiar or more similar to what they're used to.

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3 key reasons why you should study in Canada

Canada is a country full of amazingly diverse and breathtaking scenery, and is home to people from over 200 ethnic origins.

It's also incredibly multicultural - Canada has two official languages, English and French which are spoken not only within the provinces but throughout the country as well. Combine this with the fact that Canada is one of the world's safest countries , offers an excellent quality of life for its citizens , was recently ranked #1 in innovation by Bloomberg/MSCI rankings , offers nearly unlimited job opportunities and offers some of the lowest tuition fees in the world - considering all these factors it's no wonder why so many students are choosing Canada as their study destination!


International students have 1 million reasons to attend in Quebec

As I mentioned earlier, tuition fees in Canada are low when compared with other countries like the US and UK. For example, undergraduate international students in Quebec pay an average of $2,500 CAD/year for college or $3,800 CAD/year for university .

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